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Having recently been invited by a dear friend to spend a week at a beautiful cabin on the North Shore of Lake Superior, I’m reminding ...

Sunday, October 22, 2017


Early September offered a joyful return to my favorite body of water anywhere--Lake Superior.  Depending upon the day or
time of day, it can be calm and mesmerizing, rough and at times scary, and almost therapeutic.  It has its own spirit and moods, and it can change incredibly fast.  I was incredibly lucky to spend a week there in a delightful cabin with my good friend from Minneapolis. It's beautiful and spectacular any time of the year. If you have never been to the northern part of Minnesota, you really must go.  So much to offer, including the friendliest people around.

I loved taking photographs of the lake at different times and sitting at a picnic table working on a story and just catching an
occasional glance of the lake, while enjoying the different movement of the waves. 
I hope you enjoyed seeing the fun I had taking photos of this

beautiful lake, which is so much like an ocean.

Saturday, October 21, 2017


Nearly two months ago my cousin and her husband totally surprised me with an invitation to accompany them on a road trip to New England for two weeks. It didn't take me long to

say "yes." They knew that I had very limited funds and they were extremely generous and kind.  After traveling nearly 3,500 miles from the Twin Cities and back through Canada, I've had a chance to reflect on this wonderful once in a lifetime trip. Following are photos of spectacular views at state parks, hiking 
trips in state parks and forests, extraordinary American history, including the Mark Twain home and

museum, Henry David Thoreau's Walden Pond, Revolutionary War cemeteries, historic covered bridges, beautiful fall colors, and a wonderful trip to Maine to fall in love with the ocean, so seldom seen by one who lives in the Midwest.

Saturday, August 26, 2017


I can't think of anything I'd rather spend my money on the last few years than memorable road trips, long or short. The great American actress, Susan Sontag once said, "I haven't been
everywhere, but it's on my list."  My sentiments exactly!! Recently a good friend and I traveled along the Mississippi River in Wisconsin, our home state, and had a fabulous time, stopping frequently along the way.  Southwestern Wisconsin is absolutely beautiful, and we were fortunate to spend three nights at a lovely farm which is owned by a relative of hers.
With winding roads, rolling hills and bluffs, beautiful parks and lakes, it's absolutely idyllic.  There are many Amish farms and bakeries to be found everywhere. I often thought about John Denver's song about Country Roads. I just couldn't stop smiling!

Here are some of the photos I
took along the way. I hope that one day some of you might have a chance to

Explore  Wisconsin. It's a wonderful state with so much natural beauty, including Lake Superior.  Enjoy!!

Thursday, July 6, 2017


I've had wonderful July 4th memories over the years. This year was no exception.  I loved walking around parts of Medicine
Lake and seeing Americans enjoying boating, swimming, barbecuing, hiking, and just hanging out with friends. Generally people in the U.S. do not get a lot of holiday or vacation time to do that.  There was a feeling of real joy in
the air.  This time I was the observer and small time

photographer. Loved it!

Friday, June 30, 2017


Recently I read a quote by Karl Barth which said, "Joy is the simplest form of gratitude."  That definitely reflects my belief, and simple as it might be, I try to find joy in every day, wherever and whatever that might be. Some of those days might be filled with unexpected difficulties and pain, but there is joy to be found, and above all, in nature.  I love being anywhere near water, and if there's a wooded trail nearby,  I
have found immense joy, for which I am extremely grateful.  A few days ago I discovered an idyllic area of the Twin Cities, with both a beautiful small lake and a long winding trail which leads to a very pretty regional park.  I just sat and watched the wildlife on the lake for about
an hour before I headed out on the trail.  These are some of the photographs I took and hope that you will enjoy.  

And as Shakespeare said, "One touch of nature makes the whole world kin."