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Having recently been invited by a dear friend to spend a week at a beautiful cabin on the North Shore of Lake Superior, I’m reminding ...

Saturday, May 26, 2018


This past winter in Minnesota was incredibly long, and just when the calendar turned to April and we thought the snow had ended until at least November, we were shocked to experience even more massive amounts of snow. It went on and on for days. And Minnesotans were not happy!! I noticed a growing number of glum faces about town.  The consensus was, "Enough is enough!"

And then came the delightful month of May.  For a short time it truly felt like spring had arrived.  The temperatures were moderate and invigorating. And all of a sudden it was green everywhere.  But all too soon spring disappeared and summer arrived. And I mean ARRIVED!! Minnesotans are used to adapting to the unpredictability of the weather in this region, but this change was greeted with mixed blessings.  My apartment building still had the heat turned on when people started talking about air conditioning.  My apartment, I discovered, had a broken air conditioner and rapidly turned into a steamy sauna--89 degrees F. and humid.  It felt unbearable.  I had a hard time focusing on anything. Thankfully my children came to the rescue and provided me with a wonderful new air conditioner.  And now, unlike six weeks ago when snow was everywhere, heat advisories became the norm.  We are not exactly

used to temperatures in the 90's in May with uncomfortable humidity, but adapt we must, and appreciate the beauty of our lush
green surroundings and wonderful parks and lakes.  Over the last week or so I've had fun taking pictures of the look and feel of summer in spring.  Yes, it is incredibly hot, but the reality is that spring in Minnesota after a long winter
is like a budding romance--with nature.

Here are some recent photos to show the beauty of our new reality.

Just keep the snow away for many a day to come.  We can only handle so much!! 

Sunday, January 28, 2018


As one who jumps with excitement at the mere thought of traveling anywhere in the U.S. and beyond, I've loved photographing different sights along the way.  Photography is a relatively new hobby for me, and I don't own an expensive camera, but I sure have fun clicking away with the one I have. 

Here are just a few of my highlights of 2017.  It was a
wonderful year for travel,
near and far--thanks to kind
and generous family and friends!!

Make your own kind of music, and ENJOY!!


J.K. ROWLING, the author of countless Harry Potter stories,
once commented, "Always have a vivid imagination, for you never know when you might need it." My imagination stops me in my tracks at times, especially when it comes to animals. I might not even be thinking of them, and then all of a sudden . . . . they show up in UNEXPECTED FORMS.

 And sometimes when I show other people photos of what I've observed, they have very different impressions. To me it's fascinating.

Here are some fun photos I took of my intriguing, unusual animals, followed by other more conventional, real ones. I hope you have a vivid imagination too, and an appreciation of animals.

Sunday, October 22, 2017


Early September offered a joyful return to my favorite body of water anywhere--Lake Superior.  Depending upon the day or
time of day, it can be calm and mesmerizing, rough and at times scary, and almost therapeutic.  It has its own spirit and moods, and it can change incredibly fast.  I was incredibly lucky to spend a week there in a delightful cabin with my good friend from Minneapolis. It's beautiful and spectacular any time of the year. If you have never been to the northern part of Minnesota, you really must go.  So much to offer, including the friendliest people around.

I loved taking photographs of the lake at different times and sitting at a picnic table working on a story and just catching an
occasional glance of the lake, while enjoying the different movement of the waves. 
I hope you enjoyed seeing the fun I had taking photos of this

beautiful lake, which is so much like an ocean.

Saturday, October 21, 2017


Nearly two months ago my cousin and her husband totally surprised me with an invitation to accompany them on a road trip to New England for two weeks. It didn't take me long to

say "yes." They knew that I had very limited funds and they were extremely generous and kind.  After traveling nearly 3,500 miles from the Twin Cities and back through Canada, I've had a chance to reflect on this wonderful once in a lifetime trip. Following are photos of spectacular views at state parks, hiking 
trips in state parks and forests, extraordinary American history, including the Mark Twain home and

museum, Henry David Thoreau's Walden Pond, Revolutionary War cemeteries, historic covered bridges, beautiful fall colors, and a wonderful trip to Maine to fall in love with the ocean, so seldom seen by one who lives in the Midwest.